Many people have been left with more questions than answers after VP Constantino Chiwenga said his light complexion is a result of a rare skin cancer that surfaced during Operation Restore Legacy when Mugabe was ousted from power in November 2017.

Prof Jonathan Moyo is one of the many who were left perplexed by the retired General’s explanation;

“If “NHUTA(cancer)” caused Chiwenga’s bleached skin with reports of blood cancer, then it’s noted. Sorry. But it’s just incredulous that Chiwenga & Mary contracted NHUTA at the same time!,” wrote Moyo.

Another anonymous commentator had the same question and asked how his ex-wife, Jocelyn,  and current wife, Mary, have the same problem as well.

“The VP is not clear in every respect. Honestly how could an illness just erupt from an operation restore order and the same illness affected his wife.There is more to this than only illness. As it is now what is left is peeling off of the skin,” he said.

“I had a look at Chiwenga’s ex-wife and realised that she shares the same skin problems with the General. It could also be liver condition usually caused by too much whisky and other strong stuff, not forgetting overdose of via*ra(mishonga yemusana),” he added.

Chiwenga has been the subject of a barrage of jokes, particularly on social media platforms, earning unpleasant nicknames like Ndombolo Dancer, Yellow Born,  Bleachy Chiwenga and General Ambi.