Shugeta who used to be my friend took my wife Clara

Musician Tawanda Gold recently expressed his frustration and disappointment on social media, directing his emotions towards his former friend, Shugeta.

In a heartfelt and extensive Facebook post, Tawanda openly shared his feelings, addressing the deep sense of betrayal he has experienced and aiming to clarify the swirling questions and rumors surrounding his situation.

Tawanda revealed his shock and disbelief that someone he once considered a close friend would engage in such disloyal and deceitful behavior.

He emphasized the depth of their friendship, recounting the moments they shared as families, such as attending social gatherings and even going to church together.

Tawanda painted a picture of a close bond and implied that he had placed immense trust in Shugeta. However, to his dismay, he eventually discovered that Shugeta had decided to pursue a romantic relationship with his wife, Clara.

In his Facebook post, Tawanda wrote,

“I’m not sure what you call it when someone takes their friend’s wife. I honestly had to clear the air because people are still asking. Yes, it’s true, Shugeta, who used to be my friend, took my wife, Clara. I used to take him out with my family for gatherings and even brought him along to church, but he made this decision. How can you betray someone when they have been good to you? Now I truly understand why people become distant from each other.”