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A disgruntled man who could not admit being ditched by his fiancé is demanding that her family should refund the lobola deposit he paid.

Taurai Ngwenya from Tongogara under chief Nhema in Shurugwi North could not wait to marry his long time sweetheart Nomsa Mangare.

However, he was disappointed when her mother later refused to bless the marriage. This was after he had paid a lobola deposit of $3.000.

The disappointed Ngwenya, besides demanding the portion of the lobola money, threatened that he would kill Mangare whenever they meet.

Mangare with fear last Friday approaches the Shurugwi civil court seeking a restraining order against him.

“I was in a relationship with Taurai Ngwenya ever since we parted ways he has been threatening that if he saw me with another man he will kill me, as a result of these threats I am now living with fear, I want this court to protect me from this violent behavior,” she said.

Ngwenya in response told the magistrate that the presiding magistrate that his lover’s request for protection was just a way to stop him from demanding the bride price for her.

“What she is saying is not true what happened is that we had agreed that I am going to marry her, I paid lobola deposit of $3 000, after some time I was upraised that her parents refused to bless the marriage saying it was no longer possible for me to marry her,” said Ngwenya.

On 27th of february this year we had a meeting with her family where her mother declared to me that she was no longer interested in me as a son in law, that is when I started demanding the $3.000 I had initially paid as lobola deposit, her mother assaulted me during the meeting sold robbed Ngwenya.

The magistrate however said if Ngwenya wanted his money back he should use a proper way.