Tinashe Zisengwe

A popular Johanne Masowe self-styled prophet from Gokwe is reported to have impregnated his 15 year old daughter for suspected ritual purposes.

Allegations are that the mother to the victim had gone to attend a funeral in Mberengwa and the father took advantage of the absentee to sneak into the daughter’s hut where he raped the daughter several times.

For fear of victimization the daughter did not disclose the rape to anyone; however all hell broke loose when the mother realized that she was pregnant and demanded to know the father of the child.

Through the mother’s persistence the juvenile then narrated the ordeal about how her father has raped her during her absence.

The fired up mother then informed her relatives about the misnomer, and they advised her to report the matter to the traditional courts where the accused was apprehended.

In an interview village headman, Hwinya confirmed the nightmare.

“We are disheartened by the incident since the man in question is related to my wife. However, l fined him five beasts for defiling my area,” he said.