One mother once said; ‘the pains of giving birth’ is far overshadowed by the joy that follows when one finally holds the newly born baby. But, what if the process of becoming a mother comes with a price tag high enough that either the mother or the baby has limited chances of making it?

It is disturbing that this could be human induced on the part of the government failing to pay doctors who have since downed tools, leaving Midwives doing the specialised job of helping pregnant mothers that need doctor’s attention.

The Midwives who have been acting as the last line of defence, helping pregnant mothers since the downing of tools by doctors two weeks ago are now on strike, and expecting mothers have expressed concern, saying the situation renders being pregnant becoming a death sentence.

The Midwives have just announced in a circular directed to government yesterday that they are now being overwhelmed by the situation at hand since doctors began strike two weeks ago, followed by nurses, and as such could not carry on with their duties perfectly.

“Midwives would like to inform you that they will not be able to continue discharging their duties with immediate effect due to being overwhelmed by the situation.

“Midwives are working under stressful conditions with little resources, the situation is no longer bearable for us and patients,” reads the statement.

Madzimai Emilia Chidemera a first time expecting mother who was recently scanned of having been carrying twins is one such worried woman, she says she was once told by prophets at her church (Johane Masowe YeChishanu) that her condition would require her having an operation when her time is due.

She is now heavily pregnant and is expecting to deliver anytime this month.

“In most instances it is known that to be pregnant with twins is ‘half a death sentence’ especially for first timers, mothers had gone into surgery operations to get the babies out.

“I was once told that my pelvis is still small and that it would require I to go under operation or else I or the babies might not make it, while this was eating me up, it is even frightening that those who were to attend to me when my time comes are now at strike,” she says.

She says the downing of tools by Midwives now means more mothers will die.

In 2016 the Ministry of Health and Child Care revealed that more than 315 mothers had died while giving birth, in 11 months that is from January to November 2015.

It is believed that the major causes of maternal deaths include haemorrhage, infection, high blood pressure, unsafe abortion, and obstructed labour. It is now feared that with midwives now on strike many pregnant women will face obstructed labour, a dangerous situation.

According to the World Health Organisation, maternal death is death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days after termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the site of pregnancy from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or its management other than accidental or incidental causes.