Elliot Jinjika

A Nharira man who burnt Zanu PF regalia on Independence Day says he is now living in fear after allegedly receiving threatening text messages and phone calls promising him death if he continues with his actions.

The man burnt the regalia in the middle of a road to protest bad leadership which he blamed for the suffering in the country but he now says he has received threats from what he suspects to be Zanu PF supporters.

“I received calls and sms threatening me over the regalia I set on fire on Independence. As I speak I have same message from four different people but all conveying the same message they want to know why I burnt Zanu PF regalia. I am now living in fear for my life and for the safety of my family,” said the man.

The man also claimed that he was a victim of the 2008 political violence that rocked the country and said he was afraid of being targeted again because one of the message allegedly threatens to do that.

The man said he was also told to delete all the messages that he received and start living an ordinary life without interfering into the politics of the day as it would cost him his dear life.

“I was instructed to delete all those messages and live peacefully without getting involved in politics and I have done that,” the man said, indicating that he no longer wants to attract attention unto himself.