…as the President maintains trust in his corrupt inner circle

zwnews.com Political Reporter- Simba Moyo

“The Executive includes His Excellency and the two Vice Presidents who should oversee the performance of those Ministers who have not had a reshuffle – I do not know for how long.  

“The reason why people are not reshuffled is that they are constantly patronising His Excellency because they know that they have got crimes,” those were Norton MP, Temba Mliswa’s comments as he recently urged President Robert Mugabe to deal with corrupt ministers and public officials.  

The President, has just taken heed and done so, he has reshuffled the Permanent Secretaries, however, he did so not with Mliswa’s concern in mind, but for a different motive, Mugabe has just redeployed the same corrupt officials.

He has reassigned permanent secretaries who are facing corruption allegations, where they would have access to other coffers again, a clear sign that he still has some trust for them despite the alleged dirty hands.

Some of the redeployed officers include Francis Gudyanga with corruption allegations in the mining ministry he has been moved to oversee the ZIMDEF ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, where he would have hands on students’ funds.

Another prime suspect, Munesu Munodawafa who is allegedly linked to under hand dealings in the transport ministry and Air Zimbabwe, has been moved to the mines ministry, where 15 billion diamond money disappeared.

As if that is not enough, Mugabe defended his corrupt ministers in his birthday interview this year, to mark 93 years.

Meanwhile, as hopes in his ability to deal with corruption fades, the country’s citizens have been implored to correct the ill, through voting the corrupt cabal out in 2018.

Prominent lawyer and human rights activist, Dumisani Mthombeni, has called on the electorate to weed the corrupt cabal out through the ballot in 2018; he implored them not to be bought by anything as ZANU PF has been doing.

“Citizens must change their mindset and stop tolerating corrupt tendencies; refuse to be bribed for votes. They should value integrity before everything else.

It is high time the electorate changed the rules of the game and insisted that their political parties forward only men & women of integrity,” he says.

He added that it is sad Sadly to note that the electorate are too politically polarized, and that come election time they still vote back some allegedly individuals into public office, renewing their mandate, as how Mugabe has redeployed the alleged bad apples.