Tinashe Zisengwe

The adage new times call for new thinking best describes the thoughts of Vungu junior Member of Parliament Denzel Ncube, who has proposed death penalty for child molesters.

Honorable Ncube made these sentiments in an interview at the sidelines of commemorations of the day of the African Child belated party held at Insukamini Primary, Lower Gweru recently.

The young energetic MP bemoaned that as children they frequently have their rights fragiled by child molesters who systematically gets away with it or get light penalties.

“It is sad to have for instance someone who would have raped to get seven years prison term with three suspended on condition of good behavior. The argument is after the rapist serve such a prison term, he or she will come out of prison and start afresh his or her life while the victim will still have permanent damages both emotionally and physically.

“Thus in light of this as children we demand harsh penalties of such child abusers or even death as penalties,” he said.

Ncube who hails from Lower Gweru also urged the government to put in place structures that protect children and their right to education by arresting the parent rather than chasing the child out of school when school fee payment is delayed.

He said every child has the right to education, shelter and clothing.

“Our parents should also strive to ensure that we get these basic rights. Its heart touching, especially here in Lower Gweru, to see children going to school barefooted in this cold winter,” he added.

The commemorations which had the theme ‘Investing in children and youths for an empowered society and growing economy in order to prevent conflict and crisis and protect children’s rights’ were graced by The Ministry of Youth, Traditional chiefs, legal practitioners and the business personnel.

The celebrations ended with local pupils entertaining the gathered crowd with modeling and Zim Dancehall dance competition.