Former Zimbabwe Republic Police chief Doctor Augustine Chihuri is under spotlight again after sources revealed that he died recently in Malawi.

This comes after Stanley Goreraza alleged that Chihuri’s health situation had worsened and he was now on life support at an unnamed hospital in Malawi.

Goreraza an Airforce of Zimbabwe employee who was once married to former Zimbabwe first lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, discussed Chihuri’s illness on his blog post on 25th of May where he said the sickness was as a result of his past atrocities committed against the people of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, family members and government sources have dismissed the death rumour as lies:

”That is a whole load of nonsense, nothing like that happened,” said a family member.

“Doctor Chihuri is still alive and his location is well known by his friends and family, if he dies we will be the first to know it,” said a government source.