Zwnews Chief Correspondent

The recording of bumper crowds at political marches and demonstrations that has since characterised the Zimbabwean political landscape has been attributed to the rising unemployment in the country.

Renowned political commentator, Elder Mabhunu says the political gatherings in the country, be it on rallies or demonstrations have benefited in terms of numbers in attendances from the fact that most youths in Zimbabwe are unemployed to the extent of having idle time within their schedules.

“Has the economy been functioning well, who could get such important time to attend rallies and demonstrations at the expense of production, most of these rallies full of lies for that matter?

“The economy is dead, and many especially youths have time to spare. No wonder why they can go as far as fighting for t-shirts at rallies, they have nothing else to do,” he says.

The unemployment in Zimbabwe which is believed to be above 90 per cent has rendered the country’s youths useless, a case of wasted potential. Despite the country having one of the most educated populations in the continent, most youths are failing to utilise their academic and professional prowess.

Some have resorted to border jumping in search for greener pastures.

Since the turn of the millennium when the economy took a nosedive, the country’s youths have been used by some political parties in various acts including violence. Reports of youths being given alcohol as incentive to go and attack political opponents have been awash in Zimbabwean media.