The Robert Mugabe backed National Patriotic Front (NPF) said Mnangagwa will find it practically impossible to rig his way to victory if there is a high turnout of voters.

The party’s spokesperson Mr Jealous Mawarire brought this point when asked to clarify if the movement was joining hands with MDC Alliance.

Said Mawarire, “We have not joined MDC, but we have joined them in demonstrating and I think we need to make that clear.”

Mawarire said electoral playing field is not and will never be even “as long as the military is in control, and these are the same people who subverted the Constitution last year”.

“But there is an important thing that you should do when you are participating in an election that is compromised, you mobilise people and anything in a voter turnout which is above 70% is very difficult to rig and that is what we are doing, joining them with what the millions the MDC already has so that we get to an election turnout which is way above 85 %.”