George Charamba has come out guns blazing over rumours alleging that his boss, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, was under 14-day isolation after being in contact with one of his aides who allegedly had the coronavirus.

This comes in the wake of high profile deaths in Zanu PF and Zimbabwe Government amidst reports that Mnangagwa’s deputies, Chiwenga and Mohadi, are now ill and have been put in lockdown by coronavirus.


INFERTILE IMAGINATION AT AMH!!! Lots a needless speculation and false dire conclusions by both NewDay and Zimbabwe Independent. The President, His Excellency ED Mnangagwa has never, is yet, to isolate on account of exposure to Coronavirus. We who work with him daily find it laughable that some faraway newsroom whose reporters we are yet to see covering him, claim isolation for him. The irony is that THEY, not him have chosen to isolate themselves from him, choosing to rely on arcane sources that only lower their dignity as competently trained journalists.

Running a severely depleted newsroom is no reason to indulge in alarmist speculation in the name of journalism. The President is not just around and available; he has been keeping us mopping our brows for want of rest from Office chores!!! Please be kind to us who feel overworked.

Then you have NewsDay and its brooding conspiracies. Vice President Kembo Mohadi took his annual leave soon after his term as Acting President ended. He is very much around and well enough to sit musingly watching his lovely herd!!! He tells me it has never been fatter, thanks to

…abundant pastures from the Heavens which so generously opened this season. He brags Zimbabwe’s food basket has now shifted to Beitbridge. Enjoy the animals Boss before duty recalls!!!. As for Vice President Chiwenga, I can only say just as well rumours don’t kill. It they did the man would long have joined his ancestors!!!

Beyond taking over as Acting President while the President is on his traditional annual leave – which this year has proved more of technical fixture than a real break – the Vice President has been working well into the early hours of most of the days, both in his Office and at home.

Made worse by a few of his relatives and associates who have succumbed to COVID-19, alongside many other Zimbabweans. A few days ago, he looked worse for wear and the President ORDERED him to take some DESERVED REST.

He would have wanted to be with the President at yesterday’s sorrowful burial event, in fact insisted to do so. The President restated his ORDER and the Vice President had to watch proceedings from home. He will resume work shortly and we all hope headlines of humble retractions follow, hopefully with the same loud prominence!!!