Controversial Video: Zimbabwean Farmer Harnesses Zebra for Farm Labour alongside Donkey, Cows

An undated video has surfaced, revealing a Zimbabwean communal farmer utilizing a zebra in tandem with a donkey and two cows to pull a plough. The use of a zebra for farm labor raises legal concerns, as employing a wild animal for such purposes may be against regulations. What makes this incident even more intriguing is the apparent domestication of the zebra, a species typically considered unsuitable for such tasks.

Domesticating animals involves meeting specific criteria, including possessing a calm disposition and the ability to remain composed under pressure. Zebras, known for their unpredictable nature and propensity to exhibit aggressive behavior, are generally considered unsuitable candidates for domestication. Their tendency to panic under stress and potentially pose a threat makes their use in farm labor unconventional and raises questions about the methods employed to tame this particular zebra.

The video highlights the unusual and potentially illegal nature of utilizing a zebra for agricultural work, shedding light on the challenges and ethical considerations associated with incorporating wild animals into domestic settings. Authorities may need to investigate the circumstances surrounding the zebra’s involvement in farm labor and assess the implications of such actions on both the animal’s well-being and adherence to wildlife protection regulations.


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