Disqualified presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s head of marketing and mobilisation Cde Never Maswerasei believes the hand of state agents should not be ruled out in robbery on the former cabinet minister’s daughter.

He says the vehicle that was used in the robbery belongs to the state run Central Mechanical and Engineering Department (CMED) and was being driven by one of presidential motorcade drivers.

“They have started panicking over demonstrations. They know the whole nation is now pinning its hopes on you on that.

“That is one of those “for hire” CMED vehicles and it’s being driven by one of the presidential motorcade drivers,” he said.

He was responding to the earlier message by Kasukuwere on the robbery, which reads:

“Alert! Occupants in this car have just stolen my daughters bags and valuables in her car in Harare. Will appreciate any help to recover and identify the occupants.”

Apparently, Kasukuwere has thanked social media users and Newlands residents for helping recover some items stolen from his daughter’s car.

“Appreceation X.

“Today day we witnessed the power of social media. We managed to get my daughter’s bag back thanks to some vigilant citizens in the Newlands area where it had been dumped,” he said.

He also thanked fellow citizens for standing with his family, for the best wishes they expressed and for helping in the actual recovery of some of the stolen items.

“Thank you all for the well wishes, messages of concern and most of all, for your help in recovering some of the stolen items.

Kasukuwere pointed out that no arrests have been made so far.

“Arrests are still to be made but we are grateful for what has been recovered thus far. We appreciate greatly the support. Asante Sana,” he posted on his X handle.