The City of Harare has invited residents, town planners, construction industry players, business community and other stake holders to an important engagement on the City’s Masterplan.

The meeting will be held on Monday 17 June 2024, 1430hrs at Town House.

The crafting of the master plan is said to be at an advanced stage as the battle by the City of Harare to meet the deadline of 30th of June 2024 set by government is now about 20 days away.

A master plan is a policy document on how land should be used, how developments should take place, water supplies, road networks, housing provision and among other service deliveries.

The master plan contains photos, reports, maps and statistical information which support the provided vision.

In an interview, with City of Harare publication, Acting Director Urban Planning Services, Samuel Nyabezi said the City of Harare financial challenges were hindering the smooth flow of the process.

Nyabezi said the master plan comprises two documents; report of study and written statement accompanied by the relevant map.

“At present, we are compiling the submissions from the different thematic groups into a report of study. Definitely by next week, Tuesday will be done with the report of study and start preparing the written statement which comprises of policies and proposals.

“When we are done with the written one, then we would have completed the master plan”, Nyabezi said.

He added that the City is looking forward to deliver the completed master plan to the Works and Town Planning Committee and subsequently to the Full Council meeting for adoption before 30 June.

“Thereafter, it will be ready to submit the master plan to the Minister of Local Government and Public Works as required by the President’s Call to Action”, he said.

According to Nyabezi, the plans will be evaluated by experts from the Ministry after which they will be put on the public deposit for eight (weeks where residents can view the master plan, the proposals and how city has gathered the information.

Nyabezi said: “Any comments or questions regarding the City of Harare will be attended to, but if there is need for intervention by the Minister, they are referred to the relevant authorities.

“The City will then come up with a finalised master plan which will be go back to council committee for adoption before submission of final document.”

The master plan is expected to resolve some of the challenges being faced by the City in the provision of public transport system and the serious traffic congestion in the Central Business District (CBD).

“The master plan will provide the direction and guidance to the local planning authorities on where the City will grow towards and provide measures to reduce congestion in the CBD”, said Nyabezi.

He added that the master plan will help improve the living standards of the residents and identify the areas with deficit in terms of service delivery such as health-care, educational facilities and housing facilities.

City of Harare