Harare City Council principal engineer Albert Madanha, who was accused of criminal abuse, is now facing assault charges.

This came after allegedly beat up Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) officers who went to his home to arrest him.

Harare City Council recently suspended Madanha, following allegations of abuse of office.

He is alleged to have been involved in the illegal distribution of land.

The city urged residents not to engage in any council-related business with Engineer Madanha.

In a statement, City of Harare head of corporate communications, Stanley Gama said:

“This serves to notify the public and residents that Engineer Albert Madanha has been suspended from the city’s roads division in the Department of Works and he is barred from conducting any City of Harare business.”

Gama said Engineer Madanha was also barred from entering council premises.

“Engineer Madanha was suspended on March 12 2024, but is resisting the legal disciplinary action, after a serious misconduct including allegations of illegally parceling out land,” he added at the time.