Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) says citizens should have access to their money held as pension funds, while they are still energetic and able to invest it.

HH who is also a businessperson himself says his government is working on a law to make it possible for citizens to access their pension money when they are still energetic and able to use it sustainably.

Meanwhile, market watcher and social commentator, Stembridge Sikalundu has welcomed HH’s call.

He writes:


There are a lot of factorable advantages to this law. Times are changing so should the ways of governing ourselves be on top of things, this idea was one of the campaign promises by the UPND party and having presented this bill to parliament must elate the majority workers.

People should have access to their money when they are still energetic and working , to secure the future requires investing now , most citizens are very indebted with huge loans from commercial banks and other micro lending instituitions , accessing ones money will reduce the suffering which the many workers are going through , the life expectancy is one of the challenges among humans because of pandemics and health challenges man is faced with.

The govt is planning ahead because it does not want to hold on to too much people’s money until they are sixty years or above, this is a burden to the treasury, already the past govts have not accounted the funds well in this instituition, it was hoped Investing in business opportunities was going to raise more finds to meet these timely obligations, unfortunately people were not honest and the UPND leadership has made changes to the management staff.

It may be a solution as well as a measure to mitigate the future impact on govt .

This idea from govt must come with supportive interprenureship ideas to help workers venture into private businesses and other business partnerships , diversiture is one of the good investment idea to improve the wellbeing of societies and the people .

Let’s imagine if 3000 NAPSA contributing workers can open up businesses and employ at least 4 people each , the kind of strategic thinking would definitely create employment and grow the economy .

The mindset of Citizens must change with time , opportunities do not come miraculously , the environment is conducive for business activities , creation of these opportunities need minds that are innovative , disciplined ,we should acquaint ourselves with the need to being closer to these developing ideas.

The opposition and other people may say it is not a good idea because their memories serves them wrong .

There is a probability that some people will end up destitutes at their old age , even those who get their full pensions at old age have become destitutes as well before , age has stages and most times people have ideas and opportunities to venture in so many things but the hindrence is lack of investment capital , some people may wish to build houses when they are young because of the rising cost of building materials which would take most of their money if they waited to build after sixty years of their life .

We thank president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and the UPND govt for such intellectual considerations in the country . God bless mother Zambia.