A US-based Zimbabwean activist and technology entrepreneur whose Citizens Initiative donated face masks and other protective personal equipment (PPEs) in Kariba has been ‘questioned’ by the dreaded CIO operatives in the resort town over his ‘motives’ in making the donations.
Freeman Chari, a Zimbabwean who is prominently known for raising money online for causes in the southern African country, made the revelations on his official Twitter handle Monday evening.
“We received a phone call from CIO (President’s Office) Kariba questioning the motive of Citizens Initiative’s donation of masks (PPEs) for Covid to Kariba Town Council. This is really sad! Is that the real job of intelligence operatives to be watching donations? Come on!”
Following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s two-week extension of the national lockdown which made it mandatory for Zimbabweans to wear face masks in public places, there has been a mushrooming of vendors selling face masks in the suburbs and the central business districts across the country.
A single face mask costs between US$1 and US$3.
During the cyclone Idai disaster which devastated the eastern parts of the country, Chari and his team organised and raised over US$105 000 via GoFundMe to assist the affected communities.