Despite the adverse impact which the Covid-19 lockdown has had on the content of its channels, Multichoice Zimbabwe has announced price increases for its Dstv packages, effective 1 June 2020.
Following the increases, the Dstv Lite package which is currently pegged at US$7 has been raised to US$8. Access package subscribers will, starting next month, fork out US$13 for the package currently set at US$11.
Family package will increase from US$17 to US$19, Compact package from US$25 to US$29, Compact Plus from US$40 to US$45, Premium from US$65 to US$75, HD PVR Premium from US$76 to US$88, XtraView access fee from US$11 to US$13 and Indian package from US$32 to US$37.
“Effective 1 June, 2020, the prevailing 14,5 percent VAT charge in Zimbabwe will be incorporated in DStv subscriptions charges,” said Multichoice Zimbabwe in a statement.
“Accordingly, DStv monthly subscription fees will be adjusted for the first time in four years.”
Digital satellite enthusiasts and opinion leaders alike have bemoaned an apparent dearth in content which can be testified increased repeats aired on its programming after some popular dramas were put on hold due to the lockdown.
Meanwhile, reports indicate that more than 100 000 South Africans have signed an online petition demanding that DStv drops its prices as they do not have fresh content to offer as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. South Africans had their DStv prices hiked last month.

State Media