The state has withdrawn before plea charges against the once-powerful former cabinet minister Ignatius Chombo arraigned for criminal nuisance for wearing Zanu PF party regalia soon after the November 2017 military coup that ousted the late ex-president Robert Mugabe from power.

According to Newshawks which monitored court proceedings, Chombo was being charged, together with Kudzanayi Chipanga, Innocent Hamandishe and Malvern Mapako, for wearing Zanu PF party regalia after the coup without approval.

The state had alleged that the four had no permission to wear Zanu PF regalia.

Prosecutor Malvern Mapako told the court that they would continue against Chombo by way of summons.

Meanwhile, Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje cancelled Chombo’s arrest warrant after finding that he did not willfully default appearing in court yesterday.

Apparently, since the fall of late former President Robert Mugabe, Chombo has been in and out of court for other charges apart from the criminal nuisance.

He is said to have acquired some wealth through corrupt means.

However, critics have been blasting President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration for doing nothing to curb corruption, but using the law to persecute perceived political enemies.

Chombo is such former senior government official who has fallen from grace, since Mugabe’s fall.