A Cholera outbreak has been reported in Harare with five confirmed cases registered so far, according to health authorities.

In a notice, the Harare City Council said three of the cases were linked to Buhera where there was a cholera outbreak last week, while two other cases were contracted from local sources.

“The city would like to inform residents that it has now five confirmed cholera cases in Hopely Zone 5, Stoneridge, Southlands, Granary and Adbernie Mbare.

“We urge all residents in these affected areas and greater Harare to take necessary precautions to avoid contracting cholera,” council said.

Deputy mayor Kudzai Kadzombe told NewsDay that the council was taking steps to contain the outbreak.

“As a council we are working on increasing water production and our Beatrice Infectious Hospital is actually ready for any case that can arise. We have our employees on standby waiting for any case,” Kadzombe said.

Zimbabwe has been facing water challenges for years, especially in big towns and cities.

In 2008 there was a cholera outbreak, which started in Harare and later spread into neighbouring countries, it was the deadliest killing more than 4 000 people and affecting over 100 000 others.