Controversial cleric and fierce Government critic, Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga, has likened Zimbabwean people to ‘zombies’ and ‘insane human beings’ for failing to rise up and challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling Zanu PF grip on power.
In a hard-hitting latest video footage, Apostle Chiwenga said Zimbabweans must desist from watching while security forces that are traditionally deployed by the state in times of street protests, indiscriminately beat up people.
He said ‘the ordinary Zimbabwean population is more than the police, the army and those who work for the intelligence, combined’ adding that no amount of gun power can silence the voiçes of all Zimbabweans.
“Because I can assure you: no Zimbabwean should be vandalised, brutalised and assaulted while another Zimbabwean is watching. It is high time Zimbabweans should stand up and say, let’s die together. If I see you abusing my brother, i’m going to join in. Let’s die together,” said Chiwenga.
He said there was need for ‘common humanity’ to prevail ‘in an ordinary person’.
“We no longer have humans in Zimbabwe. Most of our people have turned into animals. They have turned into zombies: they have turned into insane people,” Chiwenga said, claiming that the state has made seven assassination attempts on his life.
Chiwenga also took a swipe at the Mnangagwa administration over the recent alleged abduction of three female MDC Alliance Youth Assembly leaders who were later found badly tortured and dumped at Muchapondwa Business centre in Bindura.