Emmerson Mnangagwa’s deputy, General Constantino Chiwenga has been airlifted to China.

Mnangagwa made the revelations on Sunday afternoon.

Addressing a church service presided over by the disgraced Andrew Wutaunashe, Mnangagwa said, VP Chiwenga is in China for a medical review and will be back in the country soon.

While the man who ended Mugabe’s reign enjoys world class treatment in China, the condition of his incarcerated wife Marry Chiwenga-Mubaiwa, who is suffering from an undisclosed ailment, has reportedly deteriorated.

Mubaiwa is currently in remand prison pending a second bail application on Tuesday.

The ex-model who is facing at least six counts of money laundering and externalisation as well as attempted murder together with fraud, has been languishing in remand remand prison since December 16 when she was first appeared at Harare Magistrates Court.

The High Court is set to hear her application this Tuesday after postponing it from last Friday at the request of the state.

According to sources within prison authorities, the estraged wife of the VP woke up on Sunday swollen and critically ill.

“She was not talking this morning, was seriously ill and was soiling herself. She is not herself. Anything could happen,” said a source within the prison.

Her lawyer Taona Nyamakura said: “I haven’t heard of any such news”.