A young woman’s illicit effort to gain entry into an overpriced Winky D, Mafikizolo concert, backfired after she died whilst attempting to jump over a razor-wired stadium wall.

The woman who is still yet to be identified died at the Bulawayo Shutdown music concert which was being held at the Queens Sports Club on Saturday.

The woman, thought to be in her mid-20’s, is reported to have hung to death after she got her jacket caught on razor wire as she scaled the wall.

The woman was discovered unconscious around 2 AM on Sunday near Gate 3 of the Queens Sports Club which was being used as a VVIP entrance.  After the discovery, the woman’s body was then lowered to the ground by party-goers who attended the scene.

An ambulance was called – but ambulance services said they had no fuel. The woman later pronounced dead upon arrival at Mpilo hospital after failing to get immediate medical attention.