Two Chivhu CID police officers who were in plainclothes were yesterday beaten up by armed soldiers who pounced on Seequick shop in the small town and indiscriminately beat up people for improperly putting on face masks.
The CID duo together with three other civilians who were also assaulted by the soldiers have since reported the matter to Chivhu Police Station. The cases were reported under RRB numbers 2187968; 2187969; 2187970; 2187971 and 2187972.
According to a report in the Mirror, the two detectives Austin Chikwinya and Sam Mutausi were buying groceries when the soldiers pounced on the shop and beat up people over failure to observe the mandatory putting on of face masks during the current lockdown.
The unfortunate cops were reportedly slapped in the face while trying to identify themselves and a melee almost broke out as the officers subsequently tried to resist the arrest.
The attacks came barely a day after members of the army randomly assaulted people at Zimbabwe Hotel, including hotelier Kirsty Muzana (42) and his wife Eva (32) for allegedly not switching off lights at the hotel.
The same soldiers are also accused of having assaulted 21-year-old James James at Engen Police Station in the town.
National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment during the time of writing.