The Chitungwiza Municipality has dispelled a news report by the country’s leading newspaper, The Herald alleging that councillors and senior managers are being allocated two graves each month for them to sell and pocket the proceeds.

According to reports, councillors are selling the graves to bereaved families exclusively in foreign currency for between US$500 and US$600 each.

Apparently, Chitungwiza by-laws permit only the council, not the councillors, senior managers or anyone else, to sell municipal graves.

According to the paper, the scam was revealed by the Harare Metropolitan Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Affairs Tafadzwa Muguti at a media conference on Monday.

“It is with regret that we announce that in Chitungwiza, we’re going to be instituting a probe immediately into a resolution that has been passed by the local authority, where the council has approved for graves to be given as allowances to councillors.

“A resolution was passed for Municipality of Chitungwiza councillors to each receive two graves as an allowance per month and they then sell the graves for US$500 to US$600 to mourners.

“It must be put on record that according to the law, only the local authority, through the administrative structure can be able to sell graves to mourners,” Muguti is quoted as having said.

Meanwhile, the local authority has rubbished the report saying it is not true.