The Twitter war between Norton independent MP and renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is seemingly far from being over.

The war all started when Chin’ono accused MPs of thinking of their own welfare alone forgetting those who voted them into public office.

This did not go down well with Mliswa, a vocal MP when it comes to legislators’ welfare, who went on to allege that Chin’ono was a debit card fraudster. The two counter accused each other.

Mliswa went on to say he has his own money which he made above board, and clean.

“I have my own money. Paying school fees for 19 kids isn’t a joke. I have a comfortable life.

“Go to Parliament & get the Asset Register. Just that we don’t flaunt our wealth, there is no point.

“What about you? Each time you want money you start making noise, you don’t want to work,” said Mliswa.

Meanwhile, he has since accused Chin’ono of being a ‘son’ to the British and Americans.

“We cannot be subservient to foreign powers as you would like to make us.

“Not the Americans, not the Chinese. MaBritish avhundukaka ndabata mwana wavo.

“Hanzi ukabata mhuru ikachema mai vanobuda. @daddyhope ndimi mhuru and the British ndivo amai,” says.

Apparently, in response Chin’ono says he doesn’t make false corruption allegations against people.

“Dear @TembaMliswa,

“You repeat lies that I proved to be untrue!

“I don’t make false accusations like you!

“You are failing and refusing to pay RTGS8000 (US$40) for your two children.

“You are appealing this ruling in the High court!

“What kind of a father are you Mr Norton MP,” Chin’ono says posting document evidence.

He went on:

“Yes @TembaMliswa you defend corruption bcoz you made money through looting of public funds & you boast about it encouraging citizens to do the same!

“Unlike you I don’t make accusations without evidence.

“You used land reform to loot the
@ReserveBank. You are one of the thieves.”

Chin’ono posted video seemingly implicating Mliswa.

He added that as a journalist, he doesn’t make unsubstantiated claims as he injures his credibility.

“Hanzi musiye akadaro.

“Munhu aka taura ngaapindurwe nemashoko echokwadi ane humbowo.

“Nyaya yekuti siya akadaro ndiyo inoita kuti mbavha dziswaradze dzotouya pano dzichiita kunge vanhu vasvinu.

“Ini ndiri mutori wenhau, ndikasa pindura vanhu vano funga kuti ndiri kureva nhema,” he said.