BULAWAYO: Chief Felix Ndiweni has been granted ZWL$500 bail after his legal team, led by MDC vice president Welshmen Ncube successfully applied for bail pending appeal.

The traditional leader was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being found guilty of malicious damage to property.

Ealier on, ZRP had sealed off access to the High Court where the Chief’s bail hearing was taking place.

MDC Statement


The MDC is absolutely delighted to hear that the Bulawayo High Court has granted bail to Chief Ndiweni

The MDC remains of the strong view that Chief Ndiweni should not have been arrested in the first place.

The charges against him are politically motivated and have no legal justification whatsoever.

lndeed, the MDC remains convinced that there are high prospects of success on appeal against both his conviction and sentence.

The MDC would like to thank all its leaders and members, and the general public for turning out in their large numbers in active solidarity with Chief Ndiweni.

MDC: Change that Delivers

Daniel Molokele
MDC Spokesperson