Chegutu Mayor hosts netball sports tournament for women

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In a bid to keep women fit and hook them off from the home, Chegutu Mayor Henry Muchatibaya has hosted this year’s annual mayoral netball tournament.

Mayor Muchatibaya urged business community to support sports.

“European countries now invest in sports, it is the way to go, their economies are now sustained by sporting activities so as a local authority we want to also look into that direction.

“Business people should fully support sports we can make a lot of money not only as a council but the nation as a whole. Europe is making a lot of money through soccer matches,” he said.

Five teams namely Chinford Selous, Chirikure Queens, Chegutu Municipality, Nehanda and ZRP women participated.

Chegutu Municipality Queens scooped the Championship trophy and gold Medals.

Silver medals went to ZRP Women who came out second.

All the five teams that took part got attendance tokens.

Chegutu Housing Chairperson councilor Mahano thanked all who made this event a success before honouring former mayor Leo Gwanzura with a certificate of appreciation.

Gwanzura inaugurated the netball tournament in 2016.

Chegutu Sport Coordinator Zacky “spark moto” Banda was also applauded for his unrelenting effort in organizing community sporting events.

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