By ZRP| Police in Chegutu are investigating a case of murder involving a 20 year old man who died after rival gangs clashed over gold ore. The deceased’s gang was overpowered by the rival gang who were armed with machetes, knives and logs and in the process he was stabbed and died on the spot.

Police are seized with all reports of violence especially involving artisanal miners who use machetes and other weapons. Be warned that sooner or later the long arm of the law will be applied without fear or favour.

In an unrelated  incident, on 12/10/19 at about 1800hrs, Nyau dancers went on a rampage in Chegutu assaulting members of the public with fists, sticks and machetes. 7 people were injured in the process, investigations are in progress to bring the culprits to book.

Perpetrators of any form of violence are warned that the long arm of the law will certainly be applied without fear or favour.