AN adulterous woman who was ditched by her husband after she was impregnated by another man has approached the courts seeking a maintenance fee of $128 for the upkeep of their minor child.

Charity Ncube, who is heavily pregnant, took her estranged husband Zihlobo Hadebe to court demanding money for the upkeep of their child whose age was not given.

Ncube and Hadebe had been married for six years until the discovery of the “illicit” pregnancy three months ago, which led to their separation.

“I am requesting $128 for the upkeep of my daughter. If he wants to go for paternity tests, I agree with him. He should be grateful I told him the truth about the father of my unborn baby. Many men are taking care of children that are not theirs,” she said.

Hadebe, a security guard, earns $340. He told the court he could only afford $50 since he has other expenses. “I was customarily married to Ncube for six years until I discovered that she was pregnant with another man’s child in December last year. After confronting her she admitted to infidelity. She moved out in January this year and has since been staying with our daughter,” he said.

Hadebe said he no longer trusted Ncube and demanded paternity tests for their daughter.

“Your Worship, I don’t trust her anymore. After all that has happened I’m no longer sure if she is my daughter. I request for DNA tests as soon as possible,” he said.

Bulawayo magistrate Ms Sharon Rosemani ordered Hadebe to pay $50 for the upkeep of the child. She also ordered the couple to go for paternity tests within 12 months. state media