Deposed late president Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga Bellarmine has called upon the Zimbabwean Government to publicise the names of people who have tested positive for the catastrophic Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in the pursuit of ‘saving lives’.
Chatunga’s sentiments come at a time when the number of Covid-19 positive patients has risen to seven whilst his late father’s successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared a mandatory 21-day ‘total lockdown’.
“I suggest to give names of those who tested positive for #Covid_19 to save lives”, he said in comments posted on his official Twitter handle.
The majority of Twimbos, as Zimbabwean Twitter users are known, backed Chatunga’s suggestion, indicating that such a move was bound to make it possible for easy identification of the affected and spare the unaffected citizens from getting in contact with the affected as this would minimise the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Zimbabwe is bracing for the three-week national lockdown which begins next Monday