Chaplain Phiri was overcome with emotion as she expressed her gratitude to Sir Wicknell for his generous gift of a car and $10,000. Taking to Facebook, she tearfully shared her heartfelt thanks, recounting how Sir Wicknell had relieved her of her embarrassment.  She pleaded for assistance in expressing her gratitude to those who had been supportive, acknowledging the challenges they faced.

Reflecting on her difficult upbringing, Chaplain Phiri shared the struggles she endured alongside her single mother, who worked tirelessly to provide for the family. Recounting a particularly harrowing memory, she described a time when her mother, unable to afford food, left them hungry for two days. Driven by desperation, Chaplain Phiri ventured into a field to steal maize cobs but was apprehended and subjected to a humiliating punishment. However, her honesty about the dire circumstances led to an unexpected act of compassion from her punisher, who took her to buy groceries instead.

Tragically, Chaplain Phiri’s mother passed away from an illness related to HIV, leaving her longing for her presence, especially now that she could have supported her in return.


Chaplain Phiri was in tears as she thanked Sir Wicknell for gifting her a car and $10 000.

She said on Facebook : “Tendai Sir Wicknell vakabvisawo kunyadziswa kwangu, ndakuudzai kuti ndaisekwa nemota yangu, ndaiti ndikasvika kuconference ndaitsvaga kuseri kwekunoviga mota yangu kuti zvimwe vanhu vangandiseka kuti anonamata Mwari upiko  koseyi iye achitambura, Ndibatsirei kungovatenda. Zvakaoma vadikani.

Pandaifamba pose ndaisekwa, vamwe vakafunga kuti ndinorwara njere, nekuda kwekutambura, vamwe vakasuduruka pandiri asi kuudenga kuna Mwari.”

She spoke at length about her tough childhood with her single mother struggling to feed the family. She said at one time her mother left them for two days without food. She went into a field and stole some maize cobs but was caught. She was stripped naked and lashed. When she explained why she stole to the woman beating her she took pity on her and took her to the shops and bought her groceries.

Her mother later died from an HIV related illness. She wished her mother had been alive today so she could provide for her.