A former ZANU PF legislator says Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa is not a small boy in politics as some people would want to believe.

Former Chivi South Member of Parliament Killer Zivhu says Chamisa is calculative and much into the game.

“Wisdom from chivi, the Zec issue is not small as some of you might think, Chamisa is not small as some of you call him, the guy is live in the game, something is cooking behind the scenes, betrayal and mudslinging is the matrix to new down,” says Zivhu.

He adds that some of the current politicians who are in power are using their posts to enrich themselves.

“Zvimwe zvima politicians zvenyu zvimbavha zvapererwa manje, faka pressure chikomana vachabuda ziya pasi petsoka chete,” he says.