Zimbabwe’s main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa says it has launched a 30-day fresh elections campaign after last week’s disputed poll results.

The party says the just ended elections were badly flawed and thus the results are illegitimate.

CCC is demanding fresh polls to be held under the supervision of an appolitical electoral body, not the partisan Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, or better still under Sadc, AU and UN supervision.

“Following CCC Citizen Assembly resolution to reject the electoral sham of August 2023, I wish to announce that my communications department will be launching a 30 day #CitizensFreshElection campaign.

“Every aggrieved Citizen must play a part in this historic journey,” CCC spokesperson Promise Mkhwananzi says.

Mkhwananzi, is the former Tajamuka/ Sesijikile pressure group leader, the body that called for protests against mis-governance during the late former President Robert Mugabe’s era.

He was appointed new spokesperson replacing Fadzayi Mahere by party leader Chamisa recently, to deal with new challenges in months ahead and spearhead a campaign for new elections.