As the much anticipated polls nears, it seems President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is up against one of the biggest challenge of his political life since coming to power through a military coup in 2017.

While Citizens Coalition for Change CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has given Mnangagwa a run for his money, judged from the 2018 elections, another dark horse Saviour Kasukuwere has entered the race.

Kasukuwere a former Central Intelligence Organization operative, and cabinet minister has some impact in this race.

Apparently, according to analysts Kasukuwere will likely fish from Mnangagwa’s pond as the Generation 40 matrix comes into play.

A number of disgruntled ZANU PF members are more going to vote for Kasukuwere, the ‘Mbora Musango’ element.

To further complicate things for Mnangagwa, it seems Kasukuwere, Chamisa and Jonathan Moyo have ganged up in plotting ED’s downfall.

Chamisa recently went to South Africa supposedly to campaign, leaving many asking the logic behind carrying out a campaign in a foreign country where most of the people there will never come home to vote.

South Africa is home to thousands of Zimbabweans but very few of them are expected back home to vote.

So then why did Chamisa chose to campaign there? Some may ask.

However, critics say Chamisa is not stupid to launch a campaign in South Africa where there are no voters. In fact they say Chamisa’s going to South Africa under disguise of election campaign was a clever move so that he could meet Kasukuwere who is based there.

While the two have not confirmed working together against common enemy, Kasukuwere recently pointed out that Chamisa is not his enemy but a colleague.

“Our promise to Zimbabwe. We will never regard Nelson Chamisa as an adversary in this campaign.

“Rather we see all progressive forces as partners and colleagues in the just struggle for a better Zimbabwe. We shall work to create an environment for Zimbabweans to find each other,” said Kasukuwere.

Apparently, as if to confirm the plot, Kasukuwere recently went to Kenya where Jonathan Moyo is based.

Kasukuwere said his travel to Kenya was , but critics say he could have gone to meet Moyo who allegedly the G 40 master minder.

Moyo is on record distancing himself from Kasukuwere’s entry into the presidential race, but analysts say denial is strategic.

Political commentator Elder Mabhunu says by joining the dots, it is clear that Chamisa, Kasukuwere and Moyo have ganged up against Mnangagwa.

“The G40 is indeed regrouping against Mnangagwa, this time they have roped in Chamisa.

“As I see it, Kasukuwere is in this to disturb Mnangagwa from beating Chamisa.

“I see Kasukuwere secretly rallying his supporters behind Chamisa who much more positioned to defeat Mnangagwa,” he says.

Mabhunu’s sentiments were also echoed by another political watcher, Kennedy Mbwembwe, who says G40, would be working to prop up Chamisa.

“Kasukuwere could be popular, but not to the extent of defeating Mnangagwa.

“What I decode from this is that the G40, are fully working with Chamisa to help him defeat Mnangagwa,” he says.

He adds that most G40 members at least those who are in Zimbabwe and ZANU PF in particular are now feeling at home under Mnangagwa, hence they would want him out.

“For those who fled the country, the likes of Jonathan Moyo, Walter Mzembi, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, they feel homesickness, but can not come with Mnangagwa still at the helm,” he adds.