OPPOSITION Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa ignited varied criticism after he was cornered by a Twitter user on the issue of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by western nations.

In atypical style, Chamisa responded the user, @Jawachawa who had implored on him to ‘come out clean on sanctions’, posting:

“Sanctions must go yesterday”.

This torched a storm, with some accusing the CCC leader of double-standards and lack of ideology. Othgers suggested that Chamisa’s position on the issue is the main reason why his relations with party VP Tendai Biti and others have been sour.

The Twar emerged after Chamisa had promised Zimbabweans that the landlocked southern African nation will be the land of enterprise and opportunities where ‘one can dream anything and the dream will come true’.

Posting on his official handle on Twitter, Chamisa said:

“ZIMBABWE SHALL BE THE LAND OF ENTREPRENEURS (AND) ENTERPRISE.. Zimbabwe shall be the land of opportunities (and) possibilities, dreams (and) hopes. Where one can dream anything and the dream will come true.Let’s make it happen. Zimbabwe has just been a dream killer for many. No..Not #Thistime

Chamisa is expected to give current Zimbabwe president and Zanu PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa a run for his money in potentially explosive harmonised elections to be held next year.

Traditionally, the ruling Zanu PF has blamed the West for being reesponsible for Zimbabwe’s deteriorating economy due to the imposition of sanctions on Harare.

Below, we have picked up some of the responses to Chamisa’s tweet.

Come clean on sanctions- @Jawachawa

Sanctions must go yesterday!- @nelsonchamisa

When people say: “stop corruption” that’s Condemnation of Sanctions! If people were not corrupt those sanctions do not even exist. Deals are open , what have they limited to the country’s operations ? We have limited by looting not sanctions. Let’s not pretend to be ignorant.- @Paul126009542

That is the way to go Advocate. You know the process; 1. Send an official letter to the US Embassy 2. Call a press conference and make this great announcement.- @MidziJabu

Ndosaka musingawonani maBiti! You keep flip flopping on this issue (sanctions)! Biti is unapologetic, more sanctions, iwe you flip flop depending on audience! Zvisinei, zvekutonga/lead Zimbabwe kanganwai zvenyu. People will never forget what sanctions have done to them! Makainonokera Colgate- @chakaInvincible

Sanctions are giving you an unfair advantage mfana. When we say denounce we mean go live and beg your masters or better still fly ro America and EU.- @JohnDub39895301