As the 2023 harmonised elections are fast approaching, Defense Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has warned ”opposition parties pushing for their master’s interests” that they were never going to rule Zimbabwe.

Muchinguri-Kashiri left the internet talking after she posted on her handle, tweeting:

“The freedom we enjoy today came at a great price; lives were lost as we fought against the colonial forces. It’s important to educate the youth of our history. Locals masquerading as the opposition whilst pushing their masters interests will never rule this country, never!”

Her comments did not go well with most of local Twitter users and below, we have selected some of the responses to Muchinguri’s post:

Substantiate your claim How did you reach such conclusion? Any facts linking the opposition to the imperial forces? How do u define imperialism? Who do you seek to engage on your re-engagement drive? What led our fathers to opt for war will push us to war too! Be reminded!- @WaMashoko

If working with foreign gvts amounts to a stooge of the imperial forces then surely Zanu pf is equally guilty of the same. Why did you allow the Russians and Chinese to train our liberation fighters and funding our own war of liberation?- @WaMashoko

Anongotenderwa kushandisa word rekuti “never” ndiMwari chete imi venyama garai pasi. Baba Bona vakatombotiwo “Zimbabwe will never be a colony again” Nhasi vari pasi, Zimbabwe yava colony yema China.- @AdolfKalawila

I sometimes wish they had all died at war- @thandogwinji

Mbuya itai kuti the freedom you enjoy ,you kureva imimi mega ,murikuti we imimi nani ,Bato renyu rakauraya sekuru vangu muna 2008- @CucsmanM

Its unfortunate that a leader who is supposed to unite us as Zimbabweans, is failling to see the genuine concerns of the people, espoused by the opposition you are calling puppets of the west. All the young see is hatrage, endeless incarceration of the innocent and suffering!- @GideonManyusa

Don’t be foolish in public Mbuya. You are alive. It’s us who grew up orphans when our parents died in that struggle you always make noise about. And we have nothing to show for it, instead you and your friends have reaped the Gold whilst the rest of us are wallowing in poverty.- @tauraitsungu

You can’t deprive us of opportunities coz you went to war , never. Take it back & see if we cannot rescue it.- @Muchenijmuchen6

You did not go to that war alone, neither did you fight it with your ZANU PF cdes, my dad was there as well and never came back home but today I am not free. Neither do I have anything to show that my dad died for my liberation. You make us angry, you think you are Gods?- @Wellas68274636