Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) should contest in elections or govern Zimbabwe because it has no structures.

“CCC has a leadership structure with a President, Spokesperson, Treasurer General, etc; but it has no membership structures & has no constitution.

“Since CCC seeks power to govern Zim, the public is entitled to know where CCC leadership has come from & how it’s held accountable,” he says.

Moyo says the issue arises because CCC says it is not a rebranded political party, but is a brand new political formation.

“The time has come for Zimbabwe to consider registering political parties. Parties with no constitution, no structures & no founding processes should not contest elections,” he adds.

Moyo maintains that it is not and it cannot be in the public interest to have a secret society masquerading as a political party, to contest elections for public office.

“That is just wrong and it has no precedence anywhere in the world. In fact, it is very scary from a societal point of view,” he says.