TINASHE Kanda, who spent a week in custody accused of being part of a cartel which was smuggling cars from South Africa into this country, has a digital footprint that shows a life he lives in the luxury lane.

It’s a life of flying business class and holidays on some of the world’s exotic beaches.

Kanda is one of the car dealers’ who were arrested in a case in which he is accused of smuggling vehicles and illegally placing registration plates linked to the President’s Office to evade taxes and toll fees.

The 41-year-old appeared before a Harare magistrate last week, along with his accomplices, Brian Matongo (41) and Elvis Jieman (38), facing fraud charges.


They were granted US$1000 bail each after spending almost a week in custody.

Focus has shifted to their lifestyles and Tinashe’s digital footprint shows that he is a man who lives large and has not been shy from showing it.

He has also been showering his wife with gifts.

On May 1, 2019, he told his social media friends that he had bought a Mercedes Benz for his wife just to thank her for being a good partner.

He said he believes that a good wife deserves a car every two years.

Tinashe posted on his Facebook page:


“A good wife deserves a new car every two years. Thank you for being patient with me Monalisa Zuze Kanda.”

The message was accompanied by a picture of a white Mercedes Benz.

Some of his pictures show him and his wife in the business class of a plane.

There are also pictures of the couple enjoying each other’s company at a beach.

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