FILE IMAGE: A commercial sex worker set a client’s car on fire after he refused to pay her US$10 for services rendered.

It is alleged the woman demanded payment after they had sex in the man’s car in the Borrowdale area.

The man refused to pay.

The irate woman used a cigarette lighter to burn the boot of the car.

The fire was, however, quickly put out by witnesses.

“The guy failed to pay US$10 and the lady burnt the car. 

“We extinguished the fire at around 6:30 am.

“The guy later disappeared from the scene with his car and I had to give the lady money for transport to go back to the Avenues,” said a source.

H-Metro is in possession of a video where people are seen questioning the pair.

Asked why she burnt the man’s car, the woman said she couldn’t be used for beer.

“Just because of beer, wotora munhu to have sex naye. 

“If he is wrong, he is wrong. 


“Because of beer manje, is he now my husband? 

“Let him give me my money. Why did he have sex with me?

“I am a hooker, I was looking for money, so why would I not get into the car when negotiating?

“Why would he give me US$10 ndichida US$20. 

Ndezvake izvo.”

She added:

“Why would he hire me when he’s not able to pay? 

Ngaandipe mari yangu.

Ndaitwa rough. Ask the man, he initially approached me and I refused, he then tried my colleague and was rejected.

“He then came back to me again. Worse still he didn’t use protection. 

“So, you saying ndingabve kumba kumira negogo kuti undipe doro?”

The unidentified man said:

Apinda ega mumotikari and before she came in, I told her that I don’t have money. 

“She then requested some beers which I had.

“She got into the car before we had sex. 

“We further enjoyed some beers, but now she is demanding money after we are done. 

“I don’t have money.

Apinda ega mumota munhu uyu. I was in the Avenues, I got lost here, I stay in Philadelphia.

“Boot rangu raita sei neUS$10, so why should I give her some money? 

“I can’t give her the money, handina and haapihwe mari iyoyo.”

Some witnesses tried to force him to pay, but he refused.