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Captured Zimbabwe now run by mafia… A criminal cartel with civilian face

ZwNews Chief Correspondent

During former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s last days in office the citizens, politicians including those from opposition parties marched in unison against the common enemy.

The iron-fisted man had run down a country he had inherited in one of the best forms. He had been surrounded with corrupt people, who would not have a second thought before deeping fingers in state coffers, corruption had been sanitised and became a norm.

And for those crimes, the old man had to be shown the exit door.

The unity exhibited by politicians was so great, with those from the opposite chairs also going along with the tide, offering a helping hand in the impeachment route, when Mugabe exhibited that he was not prepared to give up power.

While Mugabe’s crimes were well documented and laid bare by the junta for everyone to see, under the banner ‘operation restore legacy,’ crime charge definition; letting yourself surrounded by criminals who have caused untold suffering of the masses through dirty business dealings.

The gravity of the well-spelt crime was enough for even some pro-ZANU PF, neutrals, and pro-opposition supporters to set foot in the march against the common oppressor.

The people indeed marched, and the old man indeed went down after 37 years of iron-fisted rule. And current President, Emmerson Mnangagwa took over. The power grabbers sought public sympathy under a pretence of wanting good life for the people, while the real motive behind the coup remained hidden.

It came to pass, months down the line, in direct violation of the supposedly motives behind his ‘operation restore legacy,’ Mnangagwa stands accused of harbouring the same criminals who drained the country’s wealth for selfish gains.

Despite promising to deal with the vice head on and obstinately, making repeated threats against corrupt officials, we are here today, and Mnangagwa is yet to live up to his word.

Many have been asking as to why corrupt officials including known ones are not being brought to book. Taking into consideration that corruption was given as a reason to justify taking power from Mugabe who had failed to deal with it.

Anyway, the unfolding events since this past week have helped understand the motive behind; Zimbabwe is being run by a mafia junta; a criminal cartel with civilian face… ED Mnangagwa.

While many want to see arrests and handcuffs, unfortunately, they won’t be any.

Meanwhile, as the drama unfolds, former presidential advisor, Chris Mutsvangwa recently, came out guns blazing, he alleges state capture by a mafia like fuel smuggling gang now known as “Queen Bee” cartel.


The war veterans leader

Could he be fighting for the survival of another brand of a cartel? Time will tell.

However, according to the current script and how is unfolding, the guess could be true.

Mutsvangwa is being accused for being an interested party, whose concern is premised not on the wish to see Zimbabweans prosper, but on fighting for a cartel linked to him.

In a counter-accusation, Mutsvangwa who was accused for leaking information to Ace Lumumba is being said to be behind a cartel that seeks to venture into the fuel industry.

Political analyst Elder Mabhunu, says Zimbabwe is being ruled the illuminati style, where groups are linked for selfish gains.

He says because of this style Mnangagwa cannot hand cuff corrupt teammates.

Mabhunu adds that it could be true that Mutsvangwa is a member of a cartel, and that Mnangagwa could be another cartel member too or a mafia boss.

However, renowned political commentator Doctor Pedzisai Ruhanya says this fallout for whatever reason, is good for national interest and could lead to authoritarian regimes erosion and breakdown.



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