At just 31 years of age, Redcliff-based businessman Ashton Zvikaramba who runs several commercial enterprises in the dormitory town, has not given up on one thing- his insatiable appetite for Quality over Quantity.

Born in Zvimba, Mashonaland West Province, the soft-spoken indegenous entrepreneur has a dream.

The dream has spanned for close to the three decades that he has been around.

Zvikaramba dreams of becoming a proprietor of repute by establishing Quality Bakery- an initiative derived from his passionate marriage to the importance of  quality over the vanity of quantity.

“Quality Bakery was actually birthed from my passion for agriculture. I am from a peasantry background that relied much upon tilling the land to eke out a living. Growing up, I have always envied western products and I believe that we can also do that here in Africa,” said Zvikaramba.

“I am a person of very humble beginnings and it is also because of that background that I have continuously endeavored to be a better person than I was yesterday”, the man behind the Backers’ Quality project said.

Zvikaramba’s journey towards accomplishing his lifetime dream will, without any shred of doubt be uphill in the face of the many challenges that most commercial entities are facing in the landlocked southern African nation.

The country is embroiled in a long-drawn economic crisis that has led to the closure of industries, rendering most youths of Zvikaramba’s generation jobless.

And, how on Planet Earth will he realize such an ambitious dream under such a harsh economic landscape?

“I am quite conscious of the current challenges we face as businesspeople but Rome was not built in one day,” he said.

“Brick by brick, step by step, Quality Bakers will claim its rightful place in the game and I am not in a hurry. I will continue to work towards the realization of what believe in and utilize every single opportunity that comes my way”.

He added:

“We cannot continue to live ordinarily – blaming the economy for problems that we have solutions to. I also believe in the old adage which insinuates that: There are only two rules in life- Rule Number 1, never lose money. Rule Number 2, never forget rule Number 1”.

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