The Judicial Service Commission is launching an Integrated Case Management System, which will bring a lot advantages including people being able to file their cases from home or different.

The system will also pick -Repeat Offenders -Offenders wanted in other Jurisdictions.

Speaking about the system, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission chairperson, Loice Matanda Moyo said:

““The slow movement of corruption cases has been a cause for concern in the criminal justice system.

“With the new Integrated Case Management System is hoped to make the requisite difference.”

Deputy Minister of Information, Jenfan Muswere said:

“The Interoperability of Govt systems in the “smart” space will ensure that there is law and order.

“Facial recognition technology and number plate recognition technology will ensure that law breakers are traced and caught.”

Meanwhile, it highly believed that the system will expedite the prosecution of cases.