After she was denied a lift to her grandmother’s funeral, a woman from Bulawayo demanded a piece of her dead granny’s flesh, accusing a fellow relative of having ‘killed and eaten’ the deceased.
The woman, Georgina Gaura, from Pumula suburb was this week dragged to court by his brother-in-law Martin Siphambaniso Tshuma who said the accused blames him of killing their grandmother, saying she also wants part of the flesh from the ‘killed’ granny.
The tiff between Gaura and Tshuma emerged after the latter had denied the former transport to their grandmother’s funeral in the rural areas last year. Although Tshuma argues that the vehicle he was using no longer had space as it was filled with other relatives who were also going to the funeral, this did not go down well with Gaura who was left behind.
After she was left behind, Gaura has continued to accuse Tshuma of being responsible for her grandmother’s death.
Tshuma told West Commonage Magistrate Urgent Vundla that Gaura has, since then, been disturbing his peace with insults and that she wants ‘part of the meat that was left’ when he ‘killed’ her grandmother.
He says Gaura has been coming to his home to insult him in front of neighbors. Tshuma was granted an interim order by the court

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