CONTROVERSIAL Bulawayo prophet and preacher Dr Ian Ndlovu has urged Zimbabweans to pray for a senior government official who will face some unspecified problems soon.

Without mentioning the name, Dr Ndlovu said he saw a senior government official who is not a politician but close to President Emmerson Mnangagwa crying.

He said the official has given himself a nickname that starts with a J.

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba uses the moniker Jamwanda on Twitter.

The message comes few days after a government physician told zwnews that a number of President Mnangagwa’s close associates and Zanu PF big wigs could fall to coronavirus due to their age and existing medical conditions.

A state doctor last week chillingly warned that Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his deputy Constantino Chiwenga and other high-ranking Zanu PF cabinet ministers are more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and that they could die before their time if the epidemic hits the struggling southern African nation.
Apart from the two most powerful politicians who are vulnerable to coronavirus, co-deputy president Kembo Mohadi, Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo and Defence Minister Oppar Muchinguri are also said to be living in the red as records indicate that people with aging or taxed immune systems have a far more difficult time fighting off Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus.
Speaking to Zwnews, a well-placed government source revealed that Chiwenga who has been regularly in and out of hospital since the coup that deposed late president Robert Mugabe in 2017, was advised by his Chinese doctors that he might die if he contracts Covid-19. As a result of this, the source said, Chiwenga has been snubbing public events following the doctors’ warnings.
The risk of getting seriously ill or dying is very low- unless you are older or or have an underlying condition. Contracting the virus is particularly dangerous for populations 60 years and older, but the death rate really shoots up for people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is currently in China over an undisclosed illness.