A 19-year-old Bulawayo girl who was reportedly tormented by evil spirits got the shock of her life after a self-styled prophet from the city raped her on the pretext that it was the Holy Spirit that had said the two should have sex.
The so-called prophet, Merryward Marara (36), is also said to have told the girl to bring her private parts’ fluids so that he would mix it with his sperms to cast out the spirits tormenting the teenage girl.
It all started after the girl’s father took her to Marara’s Shrine in Bulawayo’s Southwold suburb.
Since there were a lot of people who had visited the shrine for ‘spititual’ help, Marara asked the girl’s father to leave the 19-year-old behind. Oblivious of the prophet’s filthy scheme, the father left his teenage daughter behind.
Marara then told the 19-year-old girl that her problems emanated from her ex-boyfriend who had cast a bad spell on the girl. Marara is said to have told the young woman to return the following day with vaginal fluids which he wanted to mix with his sperms in a bid to cast away the spell.
The young woman was asked to return back the following day at 5pm.
When she returned to the shrine the following day, ‘prophet’ Marara told the girl that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that for the evil spirits to be cast off, he was to have sex with her. Marara asked the girl to spread a white cloth on the ground and lie on it.
The teenage girl complied and he raped her once using a condom.
Afterwards, Marara told the girl to write her ex-boyfriend’s name on a sheet of paper before he poured water into the condom which had his sperms.
He allegedly held the condom in the air and ‘prayed’ for it before giving it to the girl, advising the 19-year-old to bath using the mixture for five days.
When the girl returned back home, she narrated the ordeal to her aunt who advised her to make a police report which led to the arrest of Marara. When he appeared before regional magistrate Mafios Moyo, the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge and was remanded out of custody to next Wednesday for continuation of trial.

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