Dr Alex Magaisa, an academic and political analyst has died, according to reports, colleagues have confirmed.

He was former adviser to the late Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in the inclusive government Morgan Tsvangirai.

A message posted on Facebook read, “He suffered a cardiac arrest this morning at Margate Hospital at 10 am.”

Meanwhile, Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa has this to say:

“A huge blow fellow citizens!
What a force, a giant!
What a human being!
What an intelligent man!
What gigabytes of intellect!
What a fine great man!
What a sober mind!

“What a cool character!
What a lovely brother!
And he has not seen his heart’s desire-A New Great Zimbabwe.”

Magaisa was a constitutional law expert as well as law lecturer at the University of Kent Law School in England.

Between 2012 and 2013, Magaisa was chief of staff and principal advisor to Tsvangirai, then Zimbabwe’s prime minister in a coalition government and leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, the country’s main opposition party.

In 2011–2012, Dr. Magaisa served as a key advisor to COPAC, the parliamentary committee that wrote Zimbabwe’s new Constitution, which was approved at a referendum and signed into law in 2013.

He was the author of a widely acclaimed blog Big Saturday Read offering in-depth analyses of law and politics in Zimbabwe.

During his fellowship, Dr. Magaisa wrote a handbook on citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms under the new constitution, a project aimed at enhancing a culture of constitutionalism and democratic citizenship in Zimbabwe.