As pressure continues to mount on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe Government to expeditiously fulfill its promises before the next election slated for 2023, police in Harare have reportedly arrested about a dozen veterans of that country’s liberation struggle in central Harare for demanding a review of their pension payouts from the state.

In a rare development, the war veterans had taken to the streets to demand action from Mnangagwa’s Harare administration with some even daring the military to ‘come on, and kill us than to starve’.


In videos that have since gone viral on various social networking platforms, one war veteran complained that they received  $50 000 gratuity from the humiliatingly deposed late dictator Robert Mugabe’s administration instead of $500 000.

Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe following the infamous coup of November 2017.

During his dramatic ascendancy to the presidency, Mnangagwa relied much on the backing of the military and the country’s former fighters of the Chimurenga/Umvukela war.

more details to follow…