Things have fallen apart for  Zimbabwean citizens, as some western countries have recorded an 80% refusal rate for Zimbabweans seeking green pastures over the past year as embassies continue to tighten their stranglehold on entry requirements.

This comes as Australia, Britain and Canada have stopped processing visas in Harare, with applicants forced to apply at the Pretoria consulate, which has weakened the chances for many Zimbabweans.

” Our Schools might want Zimbabwean students and our institutions might want Zimbabwean workers but, this is economy is not favourable for their applicants.

The currency exchange rate and the restrictions in sending money outside the country have negatively impacted the applicants,” a diplomatic source told the Independent.

An effort by the publication to get the refusal rate from The United Kingdom embassy where unfruitful, maintaining that every application was treated individuality.

” All UK visa applications are considered on their individual merits, on the basis of the evidence available and in line with the UK immigration rules,” an embassy spokesperson said.

The United States embassy in Harare said most visa refusals are because of lack of proof that the applicant was entitled to non-immigrant status.

”We do no comment on visa refusal rate for applicants. Most applicants are refused under 214b, which is from the Immigration and Nationalisation Act and presumes that all applicants are intending immigrants unless they can demonstrate otherwise to the consular office,” an official from the US Embassy Public Affairs Section said.

-Zimbabwe Independent